Court Ordered Sales

Once a desirable property has been found, an offer is prepared just like a regular home/land purchase with all the standard conditions.

Once these conditions are removed a court date for the offer to be viewed and approved by a judge will be set and the offer becomes public information.  Others interested in the same property will then benefit from this knowledge and can prepare their offers accordingly.  Therefore, it is always prudent to prepare a higher priced offer ready for presentation to the judge should this occur. Some important things to remember about your purchase:

All offers that are presented to court must be cash offers with no conditions.

The property is “as is” with no warranties either verbal or non – verbal.

There will be no property disclosure statement.

Appliances will not be warranted.

The home or land may not be in the same conditions as when originally viewed.  While it is not a particular problem,  upset owners  have returned to the property to remove trees and plants, appliances, cabinets etc. and even cause damage.