Lake view from town 2

Summer is Here!

With the town bustling with tourists and the lake filled with boats and swimmers, the smell of suntan lotion and the sound of flip flops fills the streets and beaches!  Cherries are in abundance and all the road side stands are open for business. The building boom has also reached the Southern Okanagan as owners are now waiting in line for builders and trades people. The real estate market has certainly picked up this spring and summer. Properties in town and on Anarchist are selling more quickly than they have since 2008. The last of the inexpensive lots on Anarchist have mostly been sold. At this time, there is only one “foreclosure” remaining, and prices are now starting over $100,000. The big question is how long will this last? Are we in for major growth or in the midst of a “bubble”? We will know by this time next year!!